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On line: 500 VA to 80 KVA
Off line: 350 VA to 3 KVA
Inverters:350 VA to 20 kVA
Servo Stabilizers 1KV to 1000 KVA
(Air cooled & Oil cooled)
CVT 0. 5 KVA to 5 kVA
Relay Stabilizers 500 VA to 15 KVA
Power Conditioning plays a major role in protecting your valuable equipment and establishing your name and good will among regular users and valuable clients where you can offer your precious services without interruption even at low voltages, blackout and brownout conditions where Access Power Care Systems can support you.
 Software Development :
   There will not be any interruption in power to let you down & to deliver the projects.
 Internet Browsing Centre :
   Supports you from sign in to sign out period uninterruptedly.
 Medical Transcription Centre :
   Premium on the turn around time and sourcing of the project can be protected.
 Educational Institutions :
Uninterruptible power supply plays a major role in infrastructure maintenence, admissions, faculty, and lab facility etc.
As our organization is highly "Customer Driven" we offer you excellent after sales service. All our Engineers are equipped with mobiles enabling you to have easy access at all times.
In view of our above range of products, services and capabilities, we are confident of catering to all your needs pertaining to Power-line and power conditioning equipment.

We also undertake AMC's of other specified makes of On-line & line Interactive Ups Systems.
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