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On line: 500 VA to 80 KVA
Off line: 350 VA to 3 KVA
Inverters:350 VA to 20 kVA
Servo Stabilizers 1KV to 1000 KVA
(Air cooled & Oil cooled)
CVT 0. 5 KVA to 5 kVA
Relay Stabilizers 500 VA to 15 KVA
Line Interactive Offline Ups
  Works using the power supply when supply is there, when supply fails DC is converted to AC and
    given to computers.
  asd asd
  Conversion of DC to AC will take place within 8 milliseconds (latest computers will withstand up to 20
  Constant voltage is available but constant frequency is not available.
  Constant change over relays and functioning of AVR may damage the components and may not
    withstand the voltage  SAG and fluctuations.
  Used for Stand-Alone systems where the application is not important and non-critical.
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